Wise city

After terms like Smart City, eco village, Health City, High Tech City, Sustainocratic City, we receive inspirator Anne van Strien with the concept of Wise City.


During 3 weeks this summer Anne experimented with human behavior in a city learning context. Every day there were topics through experiences and workshops that helped participants develop awareness. As cornerstone the  a local initiative in the city quarter of Doornakkers was used. The participants were young Russian students.

Anne her presentation goes through the day by day process in which we see a lot of awareness building around food, our relationship with nature and the circular usage of material resources. Awareness is built around Pee and Poop, the nutritious values of our faeces that are simply flushed away. Or the edible and medical wild plants in our neighboorhoods, the reuse of materials after a first use and the concept of self-sufficiency together. The participants were asked to create daily posters around their one interpretation and learning processes.

The excersize inspires a lot because it makes a complex abstract issue of transforming awareness tangible and attractive for people in small steps. The question arises how we can use the Wise City format further in our own Sustainocratic processes? Interaction brought us rapidly the potential integration with FRE2SH farms, inspire relationships in other towns and maybe use the format for international exchange programs.

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